Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reviewing Attachments Before Downloading

Welcome back to another exciting Tech tip on Tech Tip Tuesdays!

Today's tip was a recommendation from one of our users who deals with email attachments on a daily basis.

April 12th's blog talked a little about "Phishing Scams" (go here if you missed it: http://goo.gl/duI401).  Phishing can also come in the form of an email attachment.  Whether it be a PDF or a Word Document attached to your email, always pay close attention to website links embedded in the PDF or Word documents.  Some may come with a message that reads "Click here to view your document".  This alone is suspicious, just ask yourself: why would the sender attach a document, only to link you to another document?

Something else to be wary of is a possible virus being embedded in the attached document.  In today's video I will walk you through a way to review the attached document without having to download to your computer, using google drive, check it out:

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Phishing Scam - What is it?

Face it, the world we know has officially entered the digital age, there is almost nothing you cannot do online.  However with a larger digital footprint comes a different type of scammer.

We have seen them before as shysters trying to con you out of your money or a nefarious telemarketer saying just about anything to sell you a bill of goods.

Now online, hackers attempting to scam you by sending links to authentic looking banking sites that asks for you to log in.

Not only banking, but for Emails and Social Media sites.  Scammers look for these accounts to spread these password stealing sites to your contacts under the guise of a trusted relative, friend, or coworker.

Just with any other scam, just about anyone can arm themselves to protect against these hackers with some simple knowledge.

Check out this article: 7 Ways to Identify and Protect Against Phishing Emails in Google Apps


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