Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reviewing Attachments Before Downloading

Welcome back to another exciting Tech tip on Tech Tip Tuesdays!

Today's tip was a recommendation from one of our users who deals with email attachments on a daily basis.

April 12th's blog talked a little about "Phishing Scams" (go here if you missed it: http://goo.gl/duI401).  Phishing can also come in the form of an email attachment.  Whether it be a PDF or a Word Document attached to your email, always pay close attention to website links embedded in the PDF or Word documents.  Some may come with a message that reads "Click here to view your document".  This alone is suspicious, just ask yourself: why would the sender attach a document, only to link you to another document?

Something else to be wary of is a possible virus being embedded in the attached document.  In today's video I will walk you through a way to review the attached document without having to download to your computer, using google drive, check it out:

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